07 November

Feature: Elizabeth Debicki for Radio Times

The fifth season of The Crown will introduce viewers to a brand new cast as the action moves into a new era.

Elizabeth Debicki has taken on the role of Princess Diana, replacing season 4 star Emma Corrin, and the new episodes see the Australian actress tasked with reenacting a tumultuous period in the late royal’s life.

Set in the ’90s, season 5 dramatises the collapse of Diana’s marriage to Prince Charles (Dominic West) and her ensuing loneliness as she becomes yet more isolated from her royal in-laws, as well as her decision to go public with her grievances in her notorious Panorama interview with Martin Bashir.

Speaking in this week’s Radio Times magazine, Debicki responded to suggestions that some viewers might see the Princess’s behaviour as “manipulative” or selfish in some scenes, explaining that it is “fascinating” to hear different responses to her character after spending so long immersed in the role.

“There’s a part of me that goes, ‘No, I’m not,’ because I’ve been inside the character for so long,” she said. “It’s fascinating because it’s the first time we’re really hearing it, it’s interesting that that’s your read on it.”

The star went on to reveal that the new season explores the tabloid media landscape in Britain in the ’90s, and examines Diana’s relationship with those publications.

“The character of Diana has a very interesting relationship at that point in the story with the media, because it’s something that can be used to a perceived advantage, and then, at times, obviously it can backfire because it’s an extremely unruly beast.” [More at Source]

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